This week at Walgreens solar garden lights were on sale for $1.50 each, so I bought a flat of them for $36. Considering what I pay monthly to keep the lights on in my home, this is a bargain because it assures me I'm never going to be sitting in the dark all night long even if the grid goes down. Not only do I have perpetual light, but I also have a perpetual supply of batteries now, because each light runs off a single rechargable AAA battery, which can be charged in the sunlight during the day and then used in various appliances, such as radios or regular flashlights, at night. I also found this idea online and I'm going to give it a try - making solar jars.
Maria Campbell
4/11/2012 04:47:19 am

I made my first one today. I couldn't find a jar with the lid connected by a wire hinge so I bought one for $4 without the wire. Paid $3 for the solar light. I already had the frost spray and I used clear acrylic caulk to glue the solar light guts into the lid. Worked great. Will look for cheaper supplies for the next fifty ones. Really like this idea.

2/13/2020 09:17:22 am

I love your ideas. I just found your site when looking for ways to prep on a disability budget. Thank for all you do!


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